[BUGFIX] Change a Bug, but not behavior or code style
[CLEANUP] Remove Files or Code that are not used anymore
[FEATURE] Add new Feature (e.g. new button, new action)
[UPDATE] update dependencies and code interacting with dependencies
[SECURITY] Fix an security issue by updating a module/package or fix in the own code
[PREPARATION] e.g. Add a new dependency, file or directive that does not have an effect, yet.
[TEST] Add/fix/alter tests
[CODESTYLE] Fix code style violation, reorder entries, but must not change any code or comment
[COMMENT] Add/fix/alter comments in the code
[DOCS] Add/fix/alter documentation
[REFACTOR] Extract code to methods/variables, simplify code. Must not change behavior.
[TASK] Alter fixed data like constants or labels, but not code
[API] Change visibility of methods or fields, private <> protected <> public
[TYPO] Fix a typo in exception or error messages not related to behaviour
[META] Add/alter/update metadata like keywords, authors, mails and URLs
[GIT] Change git related stuff like ignores
[DEV] Add files required for development like .editorconfig or dynamicReturnTypeMeta.json, Build toolchains etc.
[DEPRECATION] Deprecation of functions, methods and classes
[LOGS] Add logger, increase log verbosity. Does not alter behaviour!